Why D3 skis

Results, results, results! 


 #1 Slalom Skier in the World 2015 and 2013 + Record holder with 2.5 @ 43off  Nate Smith.

He has proven to be better than any other skier, dominating our sport for the past 5 years like no one else in history.

His “weapon of choice” is a D3 Quest with a T Factor rubber binding and a Rear Toe Plate.

#1 Trick skier in the world 2015 Adam Pickos won his title riding a D3 Trick ski.

12 Jump World records and 5 world titles for Freddy Kruger on his D3 Jumpers. 

#1 Overall World Champion  2015 Adam Sedlmajer, slalom, tricks and jumps on D3 skis.



Two years ago I bought a 62” Quest for my son Nicolás.

My first impression was of a good looking, quality ski. Once he skied on it, we realized how predictable and stable the ski was. 

It helped my son win several tournaments and do many personal bests. 


After doing the appropriate research I came to the conclusion that the best and safest way to ski is with a rubber binding and a RTP.

Here is a list of the last world slalom champions for the past 20 years. They all won with a single binding, except for Jeff Rogers. 

2015 Nate Smith

2013 Nate Smith

2011 Thomas Degasperi

2009 Will Asher

2007 Thomas Degasperi

2005 Will Asher

2003 Jeff Rogers*

2001 Andy Mapple

1999 Andy Mapple

1997 Andy Mapple

1995 Andy Mapple


I’m not a big fan of hard shell boots. They have too many parts and they are not 100% reliable. I have seen many accidents with hard shells: http://www.waterskimag.com/features/2015/01/23/a-near-death-water-ski-experience). 

My feeling is that even though they are super comfortable, they are so rigid and sensible that I would compare them to driving a F1 car. Unfortunately to drive a F1 car you need a perfect track and when we water ski it is common to encounter rough conditions. 


A couple of months ago, I ordered a T Factor boot for myself and for my skiers to try.


I consider it the best boot in the market. It has great lateral support, it’s angled forward to help you be more on top of the front foot, it's safe as a Willey's, very easy to get out of it and it’s very comfortable. 

It's the same boot the actual world champion and record holder uses. 

Below a quote Nate Smith talking about his Tfactor Soft Binding and RTP: 

“It allows you to move around on the ski a little more and to put more weight over your front foot. Front binding gives me a lot of support and control of the ski, but I’m still able to be free — moving back to front — without it making a drastic change to the ski.”


My neighbor and ski partner Capt Carl Sputh wanted to buy a new ski. I told him to order a Quest 45 with a T Factor binding and RTP.

He loved it! I was able to use it a couple of times before heading to a ski clinic in Mexico. I was very well impressed with how light and fast the ski was, and at the same time how stable it felt. It gave me the feeling that allowed me to predict each turn. And even in rough water or when I was going late the ski was very forgiving.  


Last week I was a guest coach at Ski Paradise Acapulco, where I had the honor of meeting Elaine and Will Bush.

Will and Elaine Bush with Greg Bedal at Short Line Lake. 

Will and Elaine Bush with Greg Bedal at Short Line Lake. 

They have been very involved helping our sport grow for the past 30+ years.

Will has driven many world record tournaments and has been involved in the development of cruise control, lakes, boats and skis.

Short Line Lake designed by Will Bush

Short Line Lake designed by Will Bush

For over a decade they have both been committed to the development of exceptional waterskiing equipment with D3 skis: Will is responsible for ski design and engineering of new products, and Elaine is a project manager. They offered me to be part of the D3 Team, to help them promote the only company dedicated exclusively to three-event water skiing. 

There is a new water ski season about to start.

Come and ski with me in Miami. where you will be able to demo what I consider the best equipment in the market. I will make sure you have either your new equipment or your actual one tuned up to make a difference in your performance.


Hope 2 ski u soon


Arturo Nelson